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It takes a community to raise a Media Co-op!

by Vancouver Media Co-op

It takes a community to raise a Media Co-op!

As you know, the Vancouver Media Co-op is this city's source for news from the grassroots. Our model – reader funded, collectively run – creates space for critical, democratic media in Vancouver. Readers like you are an integral part of what makes our project work, so first off, thanks for your support!

Contrary to most other publications, the VMC relies on and facilitates the active participation of hundreds of activists, journalists, readers, and ordinary concerned people to contribute stories, photography, press releases, personal accounts, and videos in an open-publishing format that receives over 10,000 page views every month. In addition to user-created media, the VMC is an open and democratic collective which is open for you to join. In addition to producing high quality news and events coverage, we offer skillshares and workshops for our members.

If you area already a sustaining member, we’d like to say thank you! You make our work possible.

If you haven’t yet signed up, today we are asking you to support the VMC. The VMC relies primarily on grants and our existing sustainer base to continue our work.

Sustainers contribute a flexible monthly donation of their choosing. All sustainer revenue is split between the VMC and the Media Co-op, our parent organization. The VMC is entirely volunteer run, and has no administration/fundraising costs, meaning that your contribution fully supports independent, collective media in your community. Sustainers truly own their media, and have voting rights within the Media Co-op. They also receive personal and gift subscriptions of the Dominion Newspaper, and for a limited time, special cooperatively produced T-shirts and other gifts.

VMC is changing the system of news production within our city; and you can get involved in building a media network that will tell the untold stories and bring news from the city and from around occupied BC to communities across Canada and beyond. We urge you to become a sustaining member of the Vancouver Media Co-op and help us keep up our momentum as we take radical media to a new level.

Click here for information on how to sign up online, or email for more information.

Own Your Media!

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The site for the Vancouver local of The Media Co-op has been archived and will no longer be updated. Please visit the main Media Co-op website to learn more about the organization.