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SFPR billboard sabotaged

SFPR billboard sabotaged

Feb. 10 2011

South Fraser Way and Grace Road, Surrey

Paint was poured on a BC government billboard that advertised the proposed South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway.

We did this in solidarity with the endangered animals and plants being cut down and destroyed, poor people being forced from their homes, and indigenous resisting the destruction of sacred sites by the early stages of this mega-project.

Sabotage the destroyers of the land and climate!

Solidarity means attack.

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Could the Moderators....

...please delete the above "comment" which is a promo for porn (which is also very sexist).

This type of "professional spamming" is an unfortunate aspect of open comments.  People are paid to flood website's comments sections with links promoting all manner of products and services (often porn and other aspects of the sex trade, like "escort agencies").  They know their stuff will eventually get taken down, but in the meantime they get free advertising for their "employer".  They can also be amazingly persistent constantly creating new log in ID's as their old one's get deleted (I once saw a comment from one of these jerks that read "If you leave one up, I'll stop spamming you"!!).

Up to now, I haven't noticed this type of thing on VMC or the other media co-op's.  But if moderators are not proactive in dealing with it, the spamming can become a real problem.


  The sign has been removed.


The sign has been removed. Hopefully forever along with the construction gangs - and the preload sand soon to follow.

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