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Not a Child's Toy - Promoting Responsible Rabbit Ownership this Easter

Go for the chocolate bunny instead!

by Roslyn Cassells

Cute, but they live for 10 years and need lots of care!
Cute, but they live for 10 years and need lots of care!

Easter is coming and many people will buy a rabbit for their child.  A few months later, many of these animals who live on average 10 years will be abandoned to a life of suffering and death. 

Please take this opportunity to help stop the cycle of abuse by encouraging responsible rabbit ownership.  Consider the following facts!

Thousands of rabbits arrive at animal shelters or are abandoned to the outdoors every year

Have you been thinking about buying your child a bunny this Easter? Please take a
moment to consider the following:

• Children and rabbits are not often well matched. As earth-loving animals, rabbits feel
frightened and insecure when hoisted into a child’s arms. Loud noises and quick gestures alarm bunnies.

• Rabbits are sensitive, intelligent, social animals. Confined to a backyard hutch they become bored and depressed. It’s instinctive for rabbits to dig and chew. How will you safely accommodate your bunny’s behavioral needs?

• Sexually mature, intact rabbits scent-mark with feces and urine, sibling and rival males fight, and males and females will breed. Spays and neuters cost money.

• Rabbits require plenty of exercise and good nutrition and prompt veterinary attention when they are not well. Are you prepared for the medical costs?

• Finally, will you feed, water, clean and socialize with your new pet when your child is pre-occupied or loses interest in his shy friend?

Please think this one through with your heart. contact for more information.

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Rabbits are not Not Toys for Children~Buy Chocolate Instead

Thanks for this great article Roslyn, it couldn't be more timely or appropriate now as we approach the Easter Holiday.  Every year I cringe when I hear and see the influx of rabbits that end up in shelters and are dumped in fields to fend for themselves.

Rabbits are bright, loving, and social creatures who deserve far more than being a throw away toy at Easter time. They do not normally make good companions for children and should never be given as gifts.  Adoption is the real answer and time to think about the responsibility of caring properly for your companion.  They need exercise, should be indoors where they will thrive, not left outside in the elements to a big cage with no stimulation or love.  I hope this year parents really think before they buy an Easter Bunny as there is no such thing and a rabbit can live as long as a dog or a cat and requires a big commitment.

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