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Condo Buyers Shun ‘Sequel 138’; Boycott Launched against Pantages Development

by Stop Pantages Condos Coalition

Press Conference: Thursday, Sept 8th @ 11:00 am International Village, 2nd floor, Unit 2097 Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory

“Purchasing a condo at Sequel 138 is unethical because of the harmfulimpacts it will have on people in the neighbourhood.” Britta Fluevog, DTES artists and potential condo buyer.

VANCOUVER - At this press conference, located just outside the office and presentation centre for Sequel 138, potential condo buyers will explain why they refuse to invest in this project, and why they want others to boycott investment in it.

Over 40 organizations and 1200 DTES residents have signed a DTES Community Resolution opposing condos at the old Pantages Theatre site. The resolution calls on the City to stop the Sequel 138 development permit application, buy the Pantages parcel at its assessed value, and designate it for 100% resident controlled social housing with low-income community space on the ground floor.

Yet it’s not just DTES organizations, residents and activists who oppose the condos proposed for the old Pantages Theatre site on the 100 block East Hastings; potential buyers are turning their backs on Sequel 138 as well. Marc Williams, the owner and developer of this property in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, is aiming his sales pitch at artists and local social agency workers. “For both groups,” he says, “this is an opportunity for low-cost, entry-level home ownership.”

But local artists and DTES agency workers are increasingly opposed to the project because of its negative impacts on the low-income residents.

They have also launched boycotts of Sequel 138, stating “We would not want to be complicit in a project that will further displace, impoverish, and police residents of the Downtown Eastside and make people feel more unwelcome in their own neighbourhood.” Other potential investors also recognize the detrimental effects of market housing on this site, and are refusing to purchase units at Sequel 138. “If buying in means pushing neighbours out, then I’m against it,” says Robbie Grewal, “and I’d encourage others to do the same.”

On Saturday September 17th, a DTES March and Block Party is being planned to oppose condos development and gentrification in the neighbourhood. Hundreds are expected to attend, with a march starting at 1:30 pm on Columbia and Cordova Street.

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Contacts: Harsha Walia (778) 885-0040 Rider Cooey (604) 872-1382 Dave Diewert (604) 253-1782 Organized by Stop Pantages Condos Coalition

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I don't see anything wrong

I don't see anything wrong pantage development,why this people are making is such a big issue?i am not denying with the fact that they have put up against pantage development but still i think the major reason is loss in profit that too is very small

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There is nothing wrong with it

The poverty pimps in the DTES want the ghetto to remain so the poor and sick

stay right where the are wallowing in addiction and depression so the pimps

can keep making money off their misery. [Currently $1,000,000 per day]

Thats what this is all about. it has nothing to do with gentrification or displacing the poor.

Wendy Pederson and her ilk are nothing more then predators who claim the DTES

as "Their neighbourhood" when in fact they don't even live in the DTES.





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