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Vancouver emergency action in solidarity with Honduras -- no to the coup d'etat!

by Vancouver Latin American Groups and Allied Organizations

Canadian Foreign Policy, →Honduras

Monday, July 6, 5 p.m. at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson and Hornby), with live reports from Honduras!

On Sunday, well over 100,000 supporters of the democratically-elected
President Zelaya gathered to await his return to Honduras. The leaders
of the illegal military junta in Honduras refused to allow Zelaya's
plane to land, blocking the runways with military vehicles. The coup
regime also escalated its repression against the overwhelming presence
of support for democracy on the streets of the capital, Tegucigalpa.
This included firing on unarmed protesters. So far there are reports of
three killed, including one child, and at least 30 wounded.

This coup d'etat must not stand. We urge you to phone U.S. and Canadian government officials -- who have been equivocal at best in their criticisms of the coup -- to pressure for the restoration of democracy and the legitimate government of Honduras. Please make every effort to join the emergency mobilization Monday.

Golpistas, ¡No Pasarán! ... ¡El pueblo hondureño resiste!


Statement in Solidarity with the People of Honduras, by
Vancouver based Latin American and allied Organizations

We express our collective outrage and condemn the coup d’état that has taken place in Honduras by leaders of the right wing military junta-that have been trained as mercenaries and dictators in the School of the Americas.

We express our deepest sentiments of solidarity with the people of Honduras, who have taken to the streets to demand their democratically elected president José Manuel Zelaya be allowed to return and finish his term in office.

Taking the lead from the people of Honduras, who are defending their democratic rights and the depending of their democratic process, we demand the following from the international community and the Canadian government:

-That they refuse to recognize the de-facto government of Roberto Michelletti
or any other government of a similar character.

-That coup leaders recognize President Zelaya as the constitutional
president of Honduras
and accept his return. If this

does not occur, Canada must withdraw its ambassador, following the example set by Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

-The immediate lifting of the State of Emergency
and the end to all acts of repression again the Honduran people. Canada should demand the liberty of all the democratic leaders that have been detained illegally.

-That Canadian companies active in Honduras, like Gildan Activewear, Goldcorp Inc, Breakwater Resources, and Yamana Gold halt all operations in Honduras until the democratically elected president returns to his post.

- That Canada immediately halt all Free Trade Agreement negotiations with the Central America Four (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador)

Endorsed by La Surda Latin American Collective, Canada-Bolivia Solidarity committee, Café Rebelde Collective, Coalition against Intervention in Latin America, Hands off Venezuela, Code Pink, Vancouver Socialist Forum,


Emergency Actions for the return of democracy to Honduras!
From July 5-7, pressure politicians to demand the safe
return of President Manuel Zelaya to Honduras.
Flood their email, faxes and voicemail!!!!

Contact Information:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Lawrence Cannon
Tel: (613) 992-5516

Fax: (613) 992-6802


Honduran Embassy in Canada

State Department: 202-647-4000 or 1-800-877-8339
White House: Comments: 202-456-1111
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