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East Van Resistance Forces Torch into Cop Car

by murray bush - flux photo

2010 Olympics

Police escort rerouted torchbearer // Murray Bush
Police escort rerouted torchbearer // Murray Bush
Police assist torchbearer into cop car // Murray Bush

The Olympic torch was forced to reroute on Vancouver's Commercial Drive this morning because of protests. The torchbearer and her torch was loaded into a police car. Resistance movements are hitting the streets this afternoon at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 3pm.

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   I totally support

I totally support peoples right to speak out. Just a thought though.... maybe a better PR job is needed, seriously better PR is needed!

 I don't think PR is going to

 I don't think PR is going to help. Regular people who are uninformed about how evil the olympics really are watch mainstream media, which is swamped with scary hyper-nationalist headlines. It makes people feel like they are part of something and it stirs their emotions. SUN newspapers knows this, CTV knows this and are using it against us. 

But if a passionate protest could open some eyes,  make someone feel like THEY were part of something and stirred THEIR emotions, than it was not in vain. 

Keep your chins up Van! Ottawa resistance supports you!

Be the flame

I see the fire. I run. I see flag. I genuflect. I like primary colours. I like cartoons. I see victory. My sphincter contracts. I vote for Harper. I am a cartoon.

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