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2010 Olympics

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Its all garbage! EH whad!

by shamed

2010 Olympics

My best friend sent me this and it is his message below

I was just walking around the city enjoying the events of the 2010 Winter Games, when I came across city workers loading trash into a garbage truck.  This should not be unusual, however they were loading trash and recyclables all into the same truck which then were mashed it all together.  The city has spent a fortune places new garbage collections bins all over the city.  They have 2 bags; 1 for regular trash, the other for recyclables.  They have signage trying to indicate how responsible the city it.. NOT... It appears this is just for the cameras as it appears to be all going to the same place.


The city worker questioned why I was photographing the garbage truck, I advised him he shouldn't be mixing the trash.  He said management was aware of this.


I have taken pictures, and can forward this to you.  I am not looking for any attention on this, I simply want  someone to investigate and hold the CIty or Vancouver accountable. 

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