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No2010 Commemorative Poster

by Tania Willard

2010 Olympics

 Weyt'k thanks to all the organizers for all the work that went into all the demonstrations. I am sending an image I made commemorating the No2010 demonstrations subverting the olympic fence wrap graphics. I did this for the Video In Video Out Safe Assembly project it is a large vinyl piece on the window-anyway feel free to use however you want.

Tania Willard, Secwepemc Nation


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This poster's off the hook.

This poster's off the hook. Love to have these around town.

awesome poster.

awesome poster.


this is really beautiful and powerful....and our resistance to 2010 is the re-igniting of resistance period...very excited about what is to come....:)


Powerful poster. Thank you.


this is so beautiful. thank you so much for creating it. Will any prints be made for sale or distribution? I'd love a hard copy. thanks again!

larger version?

Do you have a larger version that we could use? Maybe a vector file or something? 


yep there is a vector version. can you send your email along to vmc at mediacoop dot ca and I'll put you in touch with the artist?


I also wonder if this poster

I also wonder if this poster will become available for purchase or distribution? It is really great. Thank you for posting.

Great work!

Thanks for this beautiful poster. Keep up the good work!

In solidarity

I followed with interest the Olympics resistance movement, thanks to the vmc, and now I have this as a printout displayed to continue the inspiration.  Excellent use of détournement!  Excellent activism!   Please do keep us posted on ways to support the artist and her networks should she choose to undertake a print run for fund raising.  Next best option would be to publish the vector file with the vmc and ask for a donation before download.  I've already shown my support.

Peace and Justice from California.

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