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Emergency Protest to Save the DTES Health Contact Centre

by Isaac Oommen


Police congregate near the start-point of the march
Emergency Protest to Save the DTES Health Contact Centre
Emergency Protest to Save the DTES Health Contact Centre
A former visitor of th Centre explains its importance
A woman tries to argue with the organizers
Emergency Protest to Save the DTES Health Contact Centre

Monday May 10 saw 150 people organizing together to save the recently-closed Health Contact Centre of the Downtown East Side.

Protesters talked about the importance of the Health Centre's services, especially for women in the DTES that saw it as a safe place to visit when needed.

Organizers especially underlined how such cuts to health care were an obvious repercussion of the funds diverted to the recent Olympic Games in Vancouver.

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Health centre Closure

Once again we see that the government makes an intelligent decision about the effectiveness of a service such as the The Hlth. Contact Centre in the D.T.E.S. and once again we have the same old, same old, protesters ho hum that are at every event - these individuals are unable to think in economic terms to provide a better solution for the D.T.E.S and it seems to me - mind you this is my opinion -. That they  prefer that the D.T.E.S. stay in the unhealthy delapitated state so they can use the area for a hangout at the cost of how many thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars - this centre  needed to be closed along time ago as it serves very little purpose to help the ill addicted and particularly when there are drug dealers right outside he door only to sell again to an individual who has gone into the centre because they are having a bad trip - let time go on and the bad trip slows and wee they can buy some more drugs - you have no idea how many terrible beatings, stabbings and so on have gone on at the centre doors or close by - now lets keep noteing thes paid advocates in the paper and don't you the public think it is time to find out where their hgh paid slaries are coming from - how about donations and your pocket - shall we let the show continue or stop it. A non drug addict who has been watching for years

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