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Banner drop at city hall

by Tami Starlight

Banner drop at city hall
Banner drop at city hall
Banner drop at city hall
Banner drop at city hall
Banner drop at city hall

Anonymous people perform feats of daring in this banner drop action at Vancouver City Hall.

Banner is in relation to the 10 sites campaign. The other banner that did not make it up properly, before security showed up, said "fight the heights", in relation to the current Chinatown heights battle.

For more information on this issue, see:

10 sites campaign:

Chinatown heights issue:

I was told this banner drop was completely anonymous and not endorsed by anyone. Simply the act of some concerned and brave community members.

*note on final 2 photos*

Captured, of course, is the ever so cheezy festooned (for the so called 125th birthday) statue of Captain Vancouver, a symbol of City Hall. To many he represents 100's of years of colonization, death and assimilation of first nations peoples who have lived on this coastal temporate rainforest for 10's of thousands of years.

Tami Starlight - VMC Editorial Collective & Video Femininja.

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beauty :)

To the moon!

Fight the height and create your own skyline...

Great shots Tami!

Thank u - what a community!

Was an awesome time in the springtime sun.

Great to see the continuing effort to expose the lies, greed and bullshit.

Keep them coming people!



Also: Cap'n Sparkle - lookin' good! :D

Great pics, Tami!

Thanks for inspiring more action, folks!  Keep it coming...

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