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EastVan Anti-Pipelines Graffiti

BC Liqour Store- The Drive
BC Liqour Store
Billboard Hit Clark Drive
Billboard Hit Clark Drive
Prior Street Heading East
Grandview Highway: Can Be Seen From Expoline Skytrain Toward Downtown
View From Street
Hastings and Commerical: Can Be Seen From Bus Heading East
Clark Drive Heading North
Grandview Highway
Commercial Drive
Corner of Commerical and Grandview Highway
Adanac and Vernon: Can Be Seen heading West On Venables
Britannia Alley
Could Go Anywhere
Owning This Wall- Britannia Alley
Grandview Park
No Pipelines On Stolen Native Land- 24hr Slap Tag
Covered 2 days ago. Back Again. No Pipelines!!!!
Gentrifying, pointless "legal" art diversified
Victoria Drive
Victoria Drive Heading South
From Instagram
From Instagram

No rest for the rebels. We out all night.

No Fucking Pipelines!

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