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G20 Resistance Photo Round-up

by Andy K Bond

G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
Fuck the G20
Canada Can't Hide Genocide Rally
People Not Profit
No G8/20
Police vs. Juggler
Police State
Tent City
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
Why are you here?
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
War Machine
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
American Apparel
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
No Police, No Prisons
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
War Zone
Green Machine
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
Sit In Tear Gassed
Sun Shine For Peace Police
I'm Legal Bitch
Photojournalist Searched
Released Prisoner
G20 Resistance Photo Round-up
Prison Solidarity Bike Bloc

These photos were taken at various rallies, marches, and events that took place throughout Toronto during the G8/20 convention. Over the course of the weekend I was arrested and released without charge, assaulted (by Police) once, and illegally searched and harassed on 8 separate occasions. I've attached a press release from the Toronto Community Mobilization Network which discusses the massive resistance against the anti-democratic G8/20 meetings, as well as the police repression and intimidation with which the resistance was met:

Press Statement - Toronto Community Mobilization Network 

The G8/G20 are anti-democratic illegitimate institutions that inflict daily violence on our communities. Everywhere the G8 and G20 have met to further their exploitative agendas – from London to Pittsburgh to Toronto - they have faced huge opposition from local communities. The kind of mass resistance we have seen in Toronto has and will continue to follow them wherever they go.

For several months, communities across Toronto have been coming together to resist the imposition of austerity measures advanced at the G8/G20 summits. The Harper government spends 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars to host the G8/G20 summits while it cuts social spending in ways that have drastic impacts people in the Toronto area and other parts of Canada. 

Since these communities have come together, the police have been using intimidation tactics to repress and silence people in the Toronto community. Police and intelligence officers went to community organizers' homes and harassed them in the streets. Now they have arrested many of these people, many of them young organizers of color, and charged them with conspiracy. 

These people hold the Harper government to account and they speak out against policies that are making ordinary people poorer, sicker and more desperate. As a result, they have been intimidated, harassed, and imprisoned. They are political prisoners in this country, where the police repression shows that its claims of democracy are simply window dressing. 

While police continue to intimidate people, individuals and community members keep going out in the streets to show that they are not afraid and stand with political prisoners as well as oppressed peoples – first nations communities, immigrants and refugees, poor people, people of color, women, trans people, people with disabilities and queer communities. 

The police intimidation and repression added to the anger and frustration people have with the G8/G20 policies and leaders that destroy their lives and the lives of people around the world. This is why people targeted banks and multinational corporations, and the property of police. 

Ultimately, 1 billion dollars were spent on beating people who were demonstrating throughout the week, on intimidating community members in the streets, on arresting organizers of color and indigenous solidarity organizers, on sending demonstrators to hospital with broken bones, and on using tear gas on those in the so-called designated “free speech” zone. 1 billion dollars has not been used to protect people and to keep the city safe. Instead it has been used to repress the people who are working to make this city, and planet a fairer, more just, and more humane place. 

Toronto Community Mobilization Network

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The last paragraph says IT ALL

Fantasic write up folks!

So inspired inspite of the shitshow our government and so called other public servants have done to us.

We will prevail!

Onward we move - TOGETHER - AS ONE!

Love, unity and spirit

Tami Starlight

VMC - Coast Salish Territory/whamcouver. (Vancouver)


Well over $1 Billion

Well over $1 Billion squandered to turn downtown Toronto into a fortress with a fascist police state to protect Stephen Harper's bafflegabfest and photo-op which most of the other "leaders" couldn't leave from fast enough, i.e. Sarkozi who criticized/ridiculed Harper's government for the monumental waste of money then gave his G20 wrap-up speech 1st, before Harper, then immediately left for France. Harper is now the Rodney Dangerfield of Canada.


 Just because you can add a vignette and desaturate a photo doesn't mean it looks good.  The 1 billion was spent on protecting the world leaders.  It worked.  

har, har

I forgot to laugh. Shouldn't you be reading the national post or something? oh, wait, their photographers GOT ARRESTED. Right, great use of $1 billion.

Protest Without Violence

Protect Without Violence... everyone needs to learn it.

thing is

property damage isn't violence. Violence is only something that can occur to people, like many peaceful protesters and random "wrong place/time" people that HAD NO PART in destroying property.

A dictionary, perhaps?

Violence can happen to people or property:

"Action intended to cause destruction, pain, or suffering."

Besides, were all the properties damaged empty at the time? Definately not - just luck that noone was hurt.

Reality check

First off there was physical violence at play. Some people who tried to take objects from the Bloc that they intended to toss through windows were beaten and kicked by mobs.

Also, police just standing there doing their jobs on the Friday and Saturday before they even took action were pelted with everything you can imagine.

I have family on the police force and can tell you that despite a few bad seeds they're good people who do more for citizens than any of these activists provoking them. Their most frequent duty is responding to domestics to protect women from abusive husbands, for instance. In fact my brother has been unable to work after being injured arresting a man who held a knife to his wife's throat.

Secondly, the Black Bloc caused emotional harm to many people: many elderly were having panic attacks fearing the city was under siege; also I can assure you many people who actually live in Toronto felt personally violated watching out-of-towners destroy our city.

In response to photo #10, actually housing isn't a right. Taxpayers shouldn't been expected to take care for you on our dime; that's your job or the job of your family. Especially with the number of people abusing the system.

great photos Andy, especially

great photos Andy, especially #20

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