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Kinder Morgan Surveyor Office Blocked by 'Pipeline'

by murray bush - flux photo

pvc pipeline with a warning to mapper McElhanney
pvc pipeline with 'bitumen'
Kinder Morgan Surveyor Office Blocked by 'Pipeline'
Kinder Morgan Surveyor Office Blocked by 'Pipeline'
Kinder Morgan Surveyor Office Blocked by 'Pipeline'
Kinder Morgan Surveyor Office Blocked by 'Pipeline'

VANCOUVER -  Activists installed a "pipeline" early this moring in front of the downtown offices of McElhanney mapping. The adhoc group says the company was tageted for its part in surveying for the controversial Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion plan on Burnaby Mountain. 

The group erected a pvc pipeline, complete with dripping 'bitumen' and notices to "Get off Burnaby Mountain."

From the group's release:

"Early this morning the entrance to McElhanney’s downtown Vancouver office was blockaded. The doors were locked, a “bitumen pipeline” blocked the stairs and posters were pasted. The action is in response to McElhanney’s participation in surveying for the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project in Burnaby .

"The proposal aims to increase the number of barrels of Alberta bitumen delivered to Burnaby and the Salish Sea from 300,000 barrels a day to 890,000 a day. This would result in an astronomical and dangerous increase in tanker traffic through the Burrard Inlet. The expansion crosses the unceded territory of many Indigenous nations and is evidence of continued oppressive colonization and rampant capitalist greed.  Resistance to this project is strong and unwavering! 

"The Secwepemc Women Warrior Society has been vocally opposed to the projects' intrusion through the heart of their territory, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation has launched a legal battle as well as created a treaty with surrounding nations vowing to protect the Salish Sea, even local mayors are standing up in opposition. Despite the resounding no from affected communities, Kinder Morgan is continuing with the project and hiring companies to do invasive studies that are against Coast Salish law and even “Canadian” colonial bylaws. No means no and the people, led by Indigenous resistance are not backing down to corporations!

"This disruption has been brought to you by a group of friends who refuse to accept, and are committed to resisting, the continued colonization of indigenous territories by corporations and government.  We oppose the oppressive nature of the oil and gas industry in our fight for climate and social justice. We stand in solidarity with frontline communities who are fighting destructive and oppressive resource extraction projects."

The office entrance has now been blocked off by Vancouver police.


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