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Stopping the Mount Polley Mine

by Sharon Kravitzmurray bush - flux photo

Secwepemc Warrior Kanahus Manuel with tainted creek water
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Kanahus Manuel with creek water contaminated by the mine disaster
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine
Stopping the Mount Polley Mine

COAST SALISH TERRITORY -  Activists in Vancouver joined other protests across BC and the continent in a national day of action called for by Secwepemc Women Warriors' Society Thursday.  The protests demanded the eviction of Imperial Metals and a stop to  the reopening of the Mount Polley Mine.

Last August, Imperial Metals dumped 25 million cubic metres of toxic mine waste into the lands and waterways of the Secwepemc Peoples. The spill from a failed tailings pond has had a disastrous impact on local communities that is still spreading. The tailings have now reached the Fraser River watershed and the world's second largest salmon spawning grounds.

The Sepwepemc say allowing Imperial Metals to reopen the Mount Polley mine would be a violation of their sovereignty and would lead to a further environmental disaster. They vow to prevent the mine from ever starting up again on their lands.

The protest was held outside the Ministry of Energy and Mines office, where the government is considering an application from Imperial Metals to reopen the mine. Friday, April 30 is the last day for public input on the application. has a petition against the mine reopening

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REOPENING TREATIES, both 'DOMESTIC' (First Nations) & 'FOREIGN' (Global Corporate);
Corp. Canada Continues to Create Unrealistic Expectations for Treaty Signatories via Deprivation of Due Diligence Info.
Still NO MONEY for Sharing, Discussing & Improving The WAD Accord & its COMPENSATION in SAFE Forums; TPP, CETA corporations & SHAREHOLDERS brace for “You Should have Known' Routine?
Corporate Canada, Bay St., Parliament Insist upon Deluding; the most vulnerable Canadians, both Native & non Native (95% - 99% of all Canadians) and Global Corporate Assocs. 'Ignoramus at Ignorambimus'?
But, how much of the direct cash dividends are the most vulnerable band members obtaining from their share of 'their' economic development as per The W.A.D. Accord & its Compensation? Are the most vulnerables receiving a factor of two (2+) of the amount that can be obtained from all of the present sources of social assistance? Or, are the band managers claiming that the most vulnerables are obtaining "more benefits(?) than any other Native community", or, are the rights of the most vulnerable First Nations members (ie. 95% - 99% of  the  members of the communities) once again being traded for future considerations that only benefit the families of the 1% - 5% of the communities)?
And, how anxious is corporate Canada to make 'arrangements' with Native leaders that would avoid the time consuming process of re-opening existing treaties to include the provisions of  The WAD Accord & its Compensation, and/or, of including the provisions in the treaties that are presently on-going in order that corporate Canada can 'guarantee' its global corporate associates that they will not be further encumbered by the development of Indigenous (human) rights & thus, be able to access, finance, develop, extract, trade, etc. the natural resources that are continuing to be found in Canada for the manufacturing profits, etc. of corporate Canada's  global (foreign) associates by way of the flurry of superseding treaties with foreigners, such as; The TPPartnership, The EU – Canada CETAgreement, NAFTAgreement, China – Canada ITreaty, et al?
And, what are some of the other areas of information that corporate Canada is continuing not to share with its foreign associates, Native leaders, the most vulnerable community members, both; Native & non Native, et al, that are in the process of raising unrealistic expectations & greatly destabilizing the geo-political world while passing the costs on to the non shareholders?
The W.A.D. Accord (a.k.a. The Australian Question) & The Compensation are presently before The Supreme Court of Canada. One of the many important questions is; 
The W.A.D. Accord (Less Comprehensive version)
...(basically) The W.A.D. Accord (aka; "The Australian Question as it pertains to Aboriginal Canadians states that most Canadians, et al, agree that it is a 'rght' not a 'privilege' for the most vulnerable Aboriginal community members, et al, to obtain from the government of Canada, et al, its (the government of Canada's) criteria for ascertaining the health and robustness of their Native communities economies. That is to say; the criteria would probably include, amongst other things, a list of those environmentally sustainable businesses, industries and/or enterprises that can:
1) provide the most vulnerable with the direct, cash dividends that amount to over two times (ie. factor of 2+) the 
    amounts that the most vulnerable can obtain from all the present sources of social assistance,
2) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3) be expanded to provide over 100% employment of the most vulnerable members of an Aboriginal community,
4) etc.
And, finally, “The Australian Question” states that because “some” of the most vulnerable Aboriginal community members are being deprived of the aforementioned benefits and the information regarding 
these benefits, the most vulnerable are entitled to be compensated** for their deprivation (ie. their poverty, despair, disenchantment, fear, unconscionably high rates of unemployment & suicides, etc).. “The Question” asks; is $47,400 ($87,000 Australian, circa 1984) per year a reasonable compensation ...?"
**The Compensation; similar to the Residential Schools Abuse compensation, except larger.
Also see; 
1) 'The Submission' to The SUPREME COURT of CANADA, et al,
"The SHAREHOLDERS & Corporations of AMERICA, Australia, Canada, et al
the harmless Canadian NON shareholders, both; Native & non Native, et al"*
2) "The MERKEL (Chanc. Germ.) Letter; To Sue, or, Be Sued”?
* Excerpt from 'The Submission' presently before The Supreme Court
4 A) And, lest one forgets that the revelation of the present perilous International treaties/”arrangements” began with the regard for the rights of Native Canadians as per the Treaties/”arrangements” that corporate Canada & the Government of Canada have “foisted” upon Native Canadians who have been deliberately deprived of the due diligence information, such as the information in The W.A.D. Accord, et al,
I am compelled to ask The Court:
will the Court consider whether, or, not The Court's recent “Tsilhqot'in Decision”, makes
it easier for corporate Canada, its global economic associates, their shareholders, et al...
FULL Article, see;
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