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Wirikuta is not Negotiable: No Mine on Sacred Land

by Vancouver Media Co-op

Wixarika delegates outside the AGM
The huge banner rises again, this time across W. Hastings
Juventino Carrillo de la Cruz talks about Wirikuta
Indigenous people in solidarity on Coast Salish Land
What you do at a demo...

People from all corners of the continent came together this morning in downtown Vancouver to make a stand outside of the Annual General Meeting of First Majestic Silver, a company that plans to build a silver mine in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, near Wirikuta, territory sacred to the Wixarika people.

"We're here to say the 22 concessions that the company has should be cancelled," said Juventino Carrillo de la Cruz through a translator. After some amount of fuss, two Wixarika delegates were allowed into the meeting to address shareholders.

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