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Climate Chaos

An ode to our ailing planet

by Michael Werbowski Environment

Hurricanes like Hiroshima,
Floods of biblical proportions.
Consumerism and greed out of all proportions.

Melting Icecaps, scorched and parched soil
My brain slowly begins to boil.
Mindless waste and perpetual haste,
Procrastinating politicians,
Ever more gas emissions
Bringing us warmer conditions.

Tsunamis, tidal waves and ferocious typhoons;
Desertification and endless sand dunes.
Deadly mudslides, wildfires, rising tides,
Fierce winds, devastating drought.
The weather is changing without a doubt.

Polar bears frantically swimming and clinging to ice;
Yet the water levels continue to rise.
A scorching sun's rays and radiation;
We are sleepwalking towards planetary devastation.

Snowless Alps, bare mountain peaks,
Summer heat waves that last for weeks.

Deforestation of the rainforests in Brazil and the Boreal in Canada as the fish stocks and ecosystems are endlessly depleted;
yet this senseless pattern is repeated and repeated.

Protocols and treaties just a grotesque pantomime;
The temperature rises and we are all running out of time.

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