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The Electric Gulag

A poem about the new age of high-tech bondage

by Michael Werbowski Dominion Stories

Fenced in, hemmed in and caged are we.

Some are subdued others controlled and almost willingly, blind and still more cannot or do not want see.

Humankind, zapped, restrained, contained or trapped like hunted elks or boars.
Deprived daily of dignity men and women bereft of decency or common mores.

Tasers, stun guns, phasers, weapons of the highest degree inflicting one more casualty.
Your dream and mine comes true in a horror science fiction fantasy

Surveillance cameras, databanks and benevolent monitoring to the highest efficiency.
Gone are days of common dignity and privacy.

Security forces in the service of their corporate bosses.
Senseless victims, countless losses.

The electric gulag seems to be our destiny; as a place to feel safe from terror and human depravity. An enclosed camp to keep us confined and protected.

A place we never wished for or expected.

A compound for us to huddle in before the slaughter and the electrocution.
A pig pen to wallow in before the painless execution.

The electric gulag is the place to be; a wonderland for our lost sense of humanity.

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