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Democracy Now! features VMC coverage of the Anti-Olympic movement

Olympic Resistance: Indigenous Groups, Anti-Poverty Activists, and Civil Liberties Advocates Protest 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

by Vancouver Media Co-op

From Democracy Now!'s Website:

"Our Olympic coverage begins today in the streets of Vancouver where some say a historic convergence is taking place. Indigenous groups, anti-poverty activists, and civil liberties advocates are some of the voices being heard in protests against the Olympic presence. Franklin Lopez of the Vancouver’s Media Co-op has been following the Olympic protests. He filed this report"


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 Ransack the whole movement!


What utter nonsense contained in the so-called 'report'.  Let's remeber the First Nations support the games and were in the VIP section beside other leaders at the opening ceremonies.   You can find out more at the Aboriginal Welcome House in Vancouver.

I actually don't think that

I actually don't think that anyone is capable of saying whether the First Nations are for or against anything. The leaders of the Four Host nations were in the VIP section. But to assume that these leaders represent the will of their people is also to assume that Stephen Harper represents as canadians.

First Nations people hold a diverse variety of opinions on the Olympics, just like any other community. Some are for the Olympics, some are against. Some believe that the canadian government has atoned for it's crimes, some believe the genocide continues. No one person or group of chiefs or activists can speak for several hundred thousand individuals.

What we do know is that these are unceded territories, as defined by british law. We know that the rate of poverty on the reservations is disproportionatly high. We know that indigenous people are over-represented in prison and in the homeless population.

What we don't know is what the majority of average FN people feel about these issues.

 The people of the hudson bay

 The people of the hudson bay company brought small pox ??? The native people had never experienced that before so of course they were affected with lots dying in the process. 

  Africa brings Aids to the world why don't you protest against that ??  mexico brings the swine flu to the world why don't you protest that.

 Instead of bitching and wasting peoples times with protests why not create your own government party and gain enough supporters that perhaps one day then you can call the shots ??  but then again you tree huggers are all losers and that would mean you would have to work and actually have a job instead of smoke pot sit in trendy coffee shops and protest about things you really don't know anything about.  



Yes, tree hugers are all

Yes, tree hugers are all 'losers'

At least 'we' took a grade 9 social studies class. If you had passed such a class you would have known that the HBC distributed blankets taken from small pox victims to other native indian populations.

If you want to make claims about pot smoking, losers, with a lack of world knowledge, I recommend you lose the antagonism, and pick some facts that actually make your point clearly. Otherwise you just sound like a dumbass.

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