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Fertile Resistance Vs. UVic

University destroys student vegetable gardens in favour of lawns

by Isaac Oommen

Fertile Resistance Vs. UVic

On March 24 University of Victoria students and allies turned part of the institution's lawns into vegetable gardens. UVic bulldozed the gardens, only to find the guerilla gardeners return on the 31st to set up again. On April 9 UVic had ground crews remove the second garden.

The UVic website called the removal a reclamation of land.

“The decision was made by a small group of people in the administration,” said Matthew Christie, media coordinator for the guerilla gardening program. “They did not consult students before they decided on an action that impacts 24,000 people.”

UVic had already been threatening students involved in the action with potential academic penalties.

“Our demands were very simple,” said Matthew, “for a sustainable agriculture program on 30 acres of unused land, and for communal food-growing areas on campus so students can grow and share food.”

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UVic gardens destroyed by...

Get facts straight please!


On April the 9th at about 2AM, a group of drunk students tore up the rogue garden - NOT UVic staff.


Gardeners and security came in around 6AM to clean up the NEW mess - that was created by two groups of students obviously in opposition to each other.




what makes it a rogue garden and not a rogue lawn?

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