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Yellow Jackets on Patrol

Olympic Security Firm Wins Contact for DTES Foot Patrols

by Dawn Paley 2010 Olympics

CSC security guards, in yellow, on Hastings Street // VMC
CSC security guards, in yellow, on Hastings Street // VMC

Contemporary Security Canada, the company that provided private security during the 2010 Olympics, has replaced Genesis Security Group as the private security firm of choice for the Strathcona Business Improvement Association. 

Two members of their patrol were spotted this afternoon at Dunlevy and Hastings Street, proactively harassing people congregating on the street. One man, who walked away from the security staff, said the cops don't bother people for using or standing around there the way the CSC guards were.

Contemporary Security Canada (CSC) is a company that formed specifically to provide private security during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. The firm received a federal contract for $97.419 million in the lead up to the Games. They trained thousands of people and hired over 5,000 in February, 2010.

Gretchen Overholtzer from the Strathcona BIA confirmed to the Vancouver Media Co-op that they switched over to CSC in November. While she affirmed the switch over had nothing to do with the Winter Olympics, she did admit that the they had "maybe heard of their name a little bit" because they got the security contract for the Games.

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I spoke with a couple of these security guards last week. They said the Strathcona BIA pays them to push drug users and sex workers off Hastings street "from in front of businesses" to the alleys. They're not responsible for the residential streets to the south... but those areas (in my experience) tend to be policed by city cops and excitable (not in my front yard) home owners and tenants.

The security guards admitted to me that they do not have legal grounds to move people, but that harrassment through standing near 'undesireables' tends to move them along.

This movealong campaign is in line with the creeping gentrification hitting on all sides, and the human cost will be more disappeared people. There are no eyes in the alleys.



Not to mention that the rent-a-cops like to enforce the "rules" when they see nicely dressed people walk by.

hey umm... if I'm being

hey umm... if I'm being blocked out let me know and why.



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You can take over

Well Ivan - you can take over the planet after you graduate!


Yellow jackets?

Fucking "buzz" off yellow jackets.

On that note - fuck off Strathcona BIA.

If anything is "wrong" with Strathcona - IT IS THEM - the Strathcona BIA.

Total lack of a democratic process with this group of capitalistic oppressive social climbers.


I live in Strathcona.
Sadly enough people in our community do not organize enough for our community. They do perhaps join groups like PIVOT and Spartacus Books - but otherwise - we are LAME! Well, of course, we could be SURREY!
Guess it ain't that bad - in perspective for the rest of the lower mainland.

Downtown Eastside Neighborhood Council (issues like this)

Well - the DNC - Downtown Eastside Neighborhood Council will look into this.

Feel free to check us out at:
Our facebook group:
Webpage coming soon.
We meet monthly at The Carnegie Community Center - 401 Main St. - Check out the CCAP/Newsletter office on the 2nd flood cafeteria - we also have a bulletin board up there as well. Get involved - become a member.

Treat Like With Like

If you live or are down in ths area just did what some of us did when Genesis was around there: follow them around and police them.

When they hang around an "undesireable" start talking to that "undesireable" and ensure they know they're rights.

Work in two's; do not get into physical altercations; and, keep one person back recording their EVERY move.

Go to BCCLA and ask them for the pamphlet that was printed about 2 years ago that they spread around to inform locals of their rights. Gte a bunch and give'em out.

Everytime one of these guards talks, correct them and document any abuses (civily--otherwise the police will just dismiss you).

Put your money where your mouth is (as DNC does) and do something instead of complaining about it, folks.


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