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Mainstream Media Fumbles Abbotsford Attack

SHARP/ARA activist fuming over name being released

by Isaac Oommen

Cassia at an anti-racism demonstration
Cassia at an anti-racism demonstration

Also posted by isaac:

On April 6 an explosive was detonated at the house of Maitland Cassia, an activist with SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) and Anti-Racist Action (ARA).

Papers extensively covered the action that left a quiet Abbotsford neighbourhood visibly shocked.

Adding more trouble to Cassia's plate, Rafe Arnott of the Abbotsford Times ran a story on the incident using the activist's name after promising not to. "Arnott agreed specifically not to run my name in connection to the incident, for the safety of my family, in front of several witnesses," said Cassia. "The next morning, he ran my name, affiliation and address, as well as speculating on a possible neo-Nazi connection, and even including a picture of our house as it appears from the street. He also attributed statements to me that were either fictitious, or taken wildly out of context (and not from conversations with me). To boot, the Abbotsford Times ran photos of the device fuse, further jeopardizing the investigation."

Cassia agreed to have his name used on VMC since it is already in the news due to Arnott's reporting.

"The Times pulled its initial article after somewhat of a screaming match and the threat of legal action," explained Cassia, "But by then Canwest/Global (ie the Sun & Province) were running Arnott's article, or twisted versions thereof."

The incident has enormous ramifications within the anti-racism community, which just ended a large demonstration on the International Day for the Elimination of Racism.

"We are a political organization, not a street gang," concluded Cassia. "I want to prevent this from degenerating into street level violence, but with 4-500 people mobilized, and a large portion of them now screaming for Nazi blood, these actions have created a delicate situation. I wish to state my public opposition to a violent offensive, but I urge my brothers and sisters to defend themselves by any means necessary."

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WTF? 4-500 people mobilized

WTF? 4-500 people mobilized wanting nazi blood... there are no nazis! Get a real issue! Poverty, perhaps?

Do your research. There are

Do your research. There are many Nazis, sympathizers and white nationalists throughout the world and in Canada. They are always looking for chances to organize and recruit, playing on the racism already ingrained in the system. Maybe you don't realize what certain symbols and patches mean?

two open nazis

we've seen two open nazis walking down main street near terminal over the past few days. there is also craig cobb. and that's just the handful we've seen recently. there is more out there, no doubt about it, though the mainstream media wouldn't investigate such a thing.

2 or 3?! Uneducated bone

2 or 3?! Uneducated bone heads getting drunk and worshiping hitler, holy shit!!! Someone blow a trumpet or something and rally the troops!!! WE NEED FEETS ON THE GROUND!

Seriously, these bonerheads and sharps are making up for a lack of school yard gangs because they each dropped out by grade 2. The blogs demonstrate how these conflicts are far more about personalities than they are about ideas. There are far more serious issues facing the people of Vancouver. The more attention given to this one, the bigger dis-service you do to anti-racism, for there are far more than 2 or 3 contrarians out there who will jump on the nazi band wagan just to get a rise out of people who are making a big hoot out of nothing, and that's how these anti-racist rallies will just incite more neo-nazis than currently exist.

not 2-3

first you say there is none, then no big deal that there are only a couple... I was clear that  I said we saw 2 over the past few days on one street. logically, that means there's more than juts a couple.

whatever man, there should be no nazis in Vancouver. If you don't wanna read about it then why don't you read something else?


Hey Isaac,

thanks for doing this write up. i had no idea this had happened (neither the bombing nor the naming, misquote and weak reporting by the Abbotsford Sun..  so thanks for doing the follow up and getting Cassia's point of view out there.

he probably got bombed for a reason

this guy is a liar, no one just accidentally get a bomb left on their steps. I've seem him spread hate and intolorance.

a known associate of his explained how he likes to go drinking at the fraser valley inn and then go beat up crack heads at jubilie park for fun.

he ended his conversation with black jesus loves you

LOL Maitland has never a day

LOL Maitland has never a day in his life spread hate and intolerance.  i think your thinking of someone elce hun.

You need to stop smoking

You need to stop smoking crack. I know him personally, and
A: he does not drink at the Fraser valley Inn,
B: He is well known by local organizations that help the poor in the Jubilee park area, he volunteers with several, and
C: I have never in my entire life heard him spread hate or intolerance.

YOU are a filthy liar, spread your hatred elsewhere please.

That's a crock of shit! I

That's a crock of shit! I used to work with him as a bouncer, and I've never even seen him hit anyone outside of competition. I've seen that guy take a punch in the face rather than fight somebody because he was worried about killing them, he's sure as hell not beating anybody up for fun! I've sparred with him, and he showed me several different pressure points, but he refused to teach me anything until I promised that I would only use it in self defence. Whoever wrote that comment should choke on their own vomit and save the oxygen for useful people.... He's a good guy.

Nazi scum, F.O.A.D.

Nazi scum, F.O.A.D.


Nice, attack the victim... I

Nice, attack the victim... I guess when someone gets raped, that's their fault too?

Get a life, you lying nazi waste of sperm.

whats FOAD stand for?

whats FOAD stand for?

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