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Warning Shot!

An anticapitalist reader on the G8/G20

by Anti-Capitalist Convergence 2010

Warning Shot!

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Warning Shot is a 32 page anti-capitalist resource about the G8/G20, created by an alliance of groups under the umbrella of Anti-Capitalist Convergence 2010 in Montreal and Toronto. There are a couple texts in English, much of the rest is in French.

You can download Warning Shot by clicking here.

Below, the editorial.
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. 
- George Orwell
The long road to that future we’ve been  dreaming of lies ahead. The Architects of Injustice cannot   stop us as we blaze our own trails and push forward on the road to the world we long for. We will not stop, we are everywhere, and every day more people join our march.

As we fi nd ourselves caught between two major crises, the time has come for us to rise up in empowered unity and proclaim our true nature as ANTI-CAPITALISTS.

We must defi ne our struggle in this way, must join together in denouncing and revolting in the face of the misery and injustices caused by this fundamentally malevolent system. Our sense of outrage at the ravages of capitalism is fi rmly rooted in the belief that all systems of oppression -- patriarchy, classism, racism, colonialism, imperialism and heterosexism, to name a few -- are inextricably linked, interdependent and that the same fl awed logic is used to justify their existences.

But this system produces its own worst enemy: the uncontrollable anger of those who suffer by its hand.  The engineers of global capitalism speak today of “crises” to explain the cracks which are slowly stretching through the foundations of their edifice.

But for the exploited, the oppressed and the forgotten of the system, capitalism itself has never been anything other than a violent, self-perpetuating crisis that affects their lives every single day.

National governments, the loyal lackeys of Capital, openly betray their populations by funnelling public funds straight to the institutions responsible for the so-called crisis, those who are, as they tell us, “too big to fail”.

It is Voltaire who said that nothing is more revolting than men who speak of their crimes in cold blood.

The leaders and ideologues of the G8 and G20 will meet to discuss the details of their familiar strategy, devising new antidemocratic schemes and regulating the mechanisms of wealth concentration.

We will be there to meet them in Huntsville and Toronto on June 25, 26 and 27, 2010.

We will be there because oppression will never cede without an insurrection of the oppressed. But for our revolts to have lasting effects, for them to really shake the structures of power, we will need to unite our forces. Just as all of our oppressors band together to prop each other up, so must we pull together to blow their card house down.

As the Architects of Injustice meet in our backyards behind fences and hordes of guard dogs, to take the street, to shout out our anger and to shatter the illusion of consent is the least we can do. 

But let’s not stop at attacking the spectacle. The G8 and G20 summits, just like IMF, World Banks and WTO meet ings, are nothing else than expensive masquerades where the advocates of globalisation reiterate their consensus.

But their machinations are mercilessly perpetuating themselves hour after hour, day after day, summit or no summit.

To quote one of the articles included in this reader, “We conceive of counter-summit demonstrations as a mean rather than an end in itself: they are opportunities for mobilisation and contestation, as well as meeting and convergence points where we can unite our forces, practices and knowledge.”

Let’s consolidate our struggles against the capitalist monster, but most of all let’s unite from day to day, in our communities, in our towns and neighbourhoods, and across the borders. Let us be anti-capitalists day and night, whatever we do and wherever we go, in our consumption choices as well as in our relations with each other, with nature and with life itself. Let’s forge the changes we want and build the world we desire.

 Today, our paths lead us to Toronto to protest the G8 and G20 meetings, but tomorrow the global exploitation system will still be in place, and it will remain so until we, together, use all the means anecessary to eradicate it once and for all.

Call-out : Attack the roots! 

Storm the G8 and G20!! 

Anti-capitalist convergence on Toron 
to - June 25, 26 & 27, 2010 

The joke has gone on long enough… 
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