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On visits from Canada's spy agency...

A community advisory

by Peoples Commission Network Canadian Foreign Policy, →Dominion Stories, →2010 Olympics

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       A Montreal based collective, The Peoples Commission Network has published an advisory on the recent visits to activists and resistance networks across Canada. The PDF, available here, discusses recent visits to active Canadian groups and individuals, as well as a reminder of the motivations and powers of the Canadian spy agency CSIS.

       The Peoples Commission Network recommends complete non-interaction with CSIS, and that individuals communicate with others, about any contact with CSIS or other agencies in relation to upcoming resistance. Also, the Peoples Commission Network asks that groups and individuals forward the document to all communit(y/ies) members, and that organizations endorse the advisory by communicating with the PCN at


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CSIS & Human Rights

Anybody who after reading your advisory on CSIS, still thinks that CSIS operates in the public interest should just read my story. You will see clear evidence of CSIS in Canada (and the MI5 / MI6 intelligence services in the UK) operating as a private crime gang on behalf of high level establishment interests.

To make matters worse there is concrete evidence that CSIS (and MI6) have infiltrated the liberal mainstream press and at least one human rights agency in Canada. CSIS's purpose in doing this is to ensure that their activities are never honestly investigated by the mainstream press or by human rights agencies.









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