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Protest Against the Flotilla Massacre

Palestine solidarity activists decry murder of 19 by Israeli commandos

by Isaac Oommen

Photo credit: Murray Bush
Photo credit: Murray Bush

"Stop the genocide!" was the cry being voiced outside 300 W. Georgia, a Government of Canada office, by 80 loud activists at noon on 30 May.

"The protest is against the cold-blooded murder of 19 human rights workers," said Hanna Kawa of the Canada-Palestine Friendship Association. "We want to tell the world that Israel is able to do things like this because Western countries put it in power."

Organizers called together the emergency protest just the day after a flotilla containing aid for Gaza was boarded by Israeli commandos, lead to the death of 19 and wounded 26.

The protest called out the immigration ministry of Canada, as well the CBC (housed across the road from the government office) for abysmal coverage of the ongoing situation in the Israel-Palestine region.

Activists marched from 300 W. Georgia to the Chapters bookstore on Robson, noting the company's close stance with Israel. It then returned on Robson to the Vancouver Public Library, picking up several supporters on the way.

"Canada is the most loyal friend to Israel," said Kawa, "so Canada is responsible too for this." Organizers promised that the protest was only a start to solidarity actions with those murdered and wounded in the flotilla massacre.

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