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Calgary Home Invasion & Beating is Suspected Neo-Nazi Retribution

Victims are saying nothing was stolen

by Greg Dean

Beating described as "attempted murder" by victims
Beating described as "attempted murder" by victims
Laptop destroyed by assailants
Laptop destroyed by assailants
Calgary Home Invasion & Beating is Suspected Neo-Nazi Retribution

Also posted by Greg Dean:

Jason Devine, an activist with Anti-Racists Canada is reporting that at 1:30 AM this morning, 5 males carried out an armed home invasion on his and his wife’s residences in Calgary. Bonnie Devine recently ran for Mayor of Calgary in the 2010 municipal election. This is the most recent in a long line of attacks on the Devines. Every time their 4 children were asleep in the home.  

Kicking in the front door, armed assailants overwhelmed Jason and a friend - John (last name with held) - who was visiting. "John was drunk and took it bad because he was out of sorts, but I was able to immediately rush one of them [the attacker] as they came at me and pin him against the fridge, but as I was about to start hitting him, the others pulled me down to the ground where they went at me." The masked men repeatedly beat Jason and John with blunt objects, now thought to be baseball bats and hammers as reported by Calgary police. John was bludgeoned throughout the head area and sustained a broken arm. Jason was surrounded as each assailant took turns beating his head, back, body, arms and legs, sustaining stitches and a concussion. Both were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment. 

Jason and fellow members of Anti-Racist Canada, believe the attack is related to their recent leafleting and postering of a neighborhood where neo-nazi's are known to live. Jason maintains that nothing was stolen from his house, and that reports that this may have been a robbery are incorrect. Later it was discovered their family vehicle was also damaged while the assailants fled the scene.

Indeed Mr. Devine recorded the flyering trip to the neighbourhood on his Facebook page on Sunday at 8:21am mountain time, prior to the home invasion and beatings; "just got back from postering and delivering posters with a tiny group, to mail boxes in Kyle McKee's neighbourhood. Ironically, and humourously, we noticed someone had smashed one of the windows to his truck, likely last night! We got out even more materials. Now the whole place will know where Kyle lives. It's all public!"Jason notes "One guy I remember, stayed there the entire time. As everyone else started to pull away, this one guy stayed and continued to beat me, beat me in the head repeatedly."

During that leafleting trip, Mr. Devine spoke with a woman who lives across from the apartment unit of the self-described neo-nazi - Mr. McKee. The female neighbour of Mr. McKee told Jason that another group of skin heads had moved in right next to Mr. McKee.

Attached are photos of some of the injuries to Jason along with damages to the house. Jason is ardent that reports that this was a robbery are false, as he is certain nothing was taken from his home. Later it was discovered their family vehicle was also damaged while the assailants fled the scene.

Jason' friend is in surgery at a Calgary hospital for a broken arm. Jason Devine has been released from hospital.

Update 4:40pm:

Social services have just visited the Devine' residence to investigate whether to remove the children into state custody. Jason, a grad student at the University of Calgary pointed out that "[I am], being condemned as a father for doing good work". Jason says "I will be calling on Calgary police protection of my home to satisfy social services concerns for the safety of my children." 

Jason reports that "not a single word was said [by the attackers], their silence seemed to be carefully planned and adhered to, because they knew I know them well enough to recognize their voices. My wife estimates the attack lasted about a minute or a minute and a half. To me it seemed like 2 minutes but it seemed like a whole eternity."


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Really sad and freaky. That letting the public know about such nasty oppressive and violent types in their neighborhood gets you trashed like this is really something.

I hope they keep up the fight and don't let the bastards grind them down!

Thanks for the story Greg.

Namaste/All my relations

Tami Starlight






 First of all, we need to

 First of all, we need to keep in mind that he's a professed Communist, therefore accepts and believes Communist ideology and propaganda as just and truthful.  He therefore agrees with and is an ambassador of what Communist regimes around the world have perpetrated.

I do not condone or support (neo)-Nazism, my issue is with John Devine alone.  He has taken it upon himself to "expose" people who he "believes" are neo-Nazis.  Several years ago he and some of his cohorts tried to do the same thing on the UofC campus.  Turns out, from what I can gather, they were wrong, and their actions resulted in an innocent student being harassed.  If this is indicative of John Devine's ability to assess whether or not someone is an neo-Nazi" then I am very concerned.  this person is dangerous, a loose cannon. 

I find it interesting that he calls on the services offered by our stable, moderate democratic society in order to maintain his peace and security.  Were we to have the totalitarian regime that his Communist beliefs would give us, such services would not exist.  What a hypocrite.

Home invasion

I don't agree with violent attacks on people, but this man is posting names and adresses of other people in the hope they will be attacked. He even boasted about the"Neo-Nazis" car window being smashed, so its pretty hypocritical of him to act surprised when his actions come back and bite him on the ass. "Anti-racists" seem to think they should be allowed to terrorise anyone they label a "nazi" or "racist", but they should be left in peace. Every action has a reaction, Mr devine has learned the hard way, maybe he wont be so cocky in future.

Not Particularly Newsworthy

Mr. Devine got what he deserved, for trying to harm someone's private life, based purely on a difference of political opinion.  I also think it was pretty clear who really broke the window of Mr. McKee's truck, all cynical euphemisms about "somone" having done so aside.  So basically, one gang of criminals attacked another.

Same K.R. O'Keefe who was arrested?

Are you the same Kevin Reily O'Keeffe in Palo Alto California for making threatening phone calls to a Jewish centre?


Maybe now I'm seeing where these comments are coming from?


So you gloat that somebody has the misfortune to get their truck broken into, then someone beats the cr*p out of you? Thats called karma dude. And you're blaming people without any proof.

Well you know

So this guy went around postering a neighbourhood and inciting hatred toward some guy and smashed his car up and he got what he deserved. Go looking for trouble and you will find it.

poor guy...

I would have to say that the guy is lucky he wasn't killed. What did he expect to happen? After all he did instigate a reaction  ( if it was the fellow he tried to publicly malign) by plastering fliers around the home of his enemy....seems that he should find another hobby. He really ought to consider his children's safety in the long run. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. 

Self-Confessed Neo Nazi

I think it'd be useful to point out that Mr. McKee is SELF-CONFESSED neo-nazi. You all are blaming Mr. Devine for alerting neighbours of a self-confessed neo-nazi. Can I get this straight?.. Many of you are essentially saying that for alerting a neighbourhood to a 'potentially violent' racist that Devine 'go what he deserved'!?

I don't buy the Commie's

I don't buy the Commie's story. He doesn't have a scratch on his face. Bats and hammers? His face should look like  a pumpkin and his teeth missing.

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