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Confronting the Invasion Anywhere

Police try to shut down indigenous resistance and cultural event

by Isaac Oommen

Confronting the Invasion Anywhere

On a balmy Thursday evening, two dozen upset individuals stood outside the Steelworkers' Hall at 25 Cecil Hall.

A cultural show and talk by indigenous activists called Confront the Invasion was scheduled to be held at 8pm. By 7.30pm, the organizers were not being allowed into the venue.

"Two vans full of cops showed up at the door," said hip-hop artist Testament who was helping with set-up, "and right after that the building manager told us we had no event scheduled here today."

This despite the fact that organizers were holding up the actual contract for the event.

After much back-and-forth with the facility administrators, organizers announced that the event would be held outside.

Just as the technical equipment was being set up outside the space, building staff talked to event organizers, the latter of whom announced that three quarters of the hall had been opened for the event.

Though late on setting up, the cultural events started at 8.30pm playing to a packed house. Speakers including Miranda D of the Native Youth Movement and Gord Hill followed.

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