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Dick Cheney scared away from Canada by Vancouver demonstration

Former US Vice President cancels Toronto visit

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Vancouver resistance to Cheney (Murray Bush - Flux Photo)
Vancouver resistance to Cheney (Murray Bush - Flux Photo)

War criminal and self-confessed torturer Dick Cheney has canceled a Toronto speaking appearance due to 'security concerns' caused by the lively resistance to a visit he made to Vancouver last fall.

He was scheduled to speak at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on April 24, but Associated Press has reported that his security advisers decided it was better for his personal safety to stay out of Canada.

Vancouver area residents tried to prevent - and actively resisted - his visit last September 26. According to AP, "Cheney was forced to stay holed up in the Vancouver Club for seven hours before it was deemed safe for him to leave. Demonstrators blocked the entrances and at one point scuffled with police."

Let's celebrate this victory, but not forget that Canada is also complicit in torture.

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Direct Action gets the goods.

It should be noted that the more rowdy elements within the protest, are the ones who made it hard for Dick to get out and his audience to get in. People locked arms, and blocked both entrances to the building and it took many cops to push people in their fancy attire through the throngs of the more militant elements in the scene. May wealthy people just turned around and went home. Otherwise this would have been another boring anti-war rally where people yell slogans and hold signs. Direct Action gets the goods.


Thank you for that

Thank you for that clarification and the video link. I fully agree.



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