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Give me your solidarity not your charity

Structural change not spare change

by Roslyn Cassells Original Peoples, →Environment, →Disability and Accessibility

photo courtesy of Tami Cosmic - Commercial Drive Cafe
photo courtesy of Tami Cosmic - Commercial Drive Cafe

Also posted by Roslyn Cassells:

Give me your solidarity,
not your charity.
Policy changes,
not your cast-off clothes.

Safe, affordable housing - not a mat on the floor
Public transport and health care for all...
Access to higher education
based on merit, not money.

Justice for my sisters
on the highway of tears and everywhere
and all the stolen kids trapped in a system
which destroys our youth
and those who love them.

Government policies exterminate
our wild relatives, all our relations
stealing their lives, their homes,
for a trophy on the wall, a bounty collected...

Government policy, it can kill you.

We want healthy, fresh food
from the same store you get yours
Not the expired, mouldy crap
from the food banks we stood in line for hours for
in summer sun and winter rain and snow
with our bank statements
to prove our poverty
cause maybe a rich person
will wait 2 hours for some old bread
they have to be sure
we are worthy of it

I am your equal though I am poor
I am your equal though I am sick

Tossing a few bucks
at the poverty pimps at Christmas
will make you feel real good,
but will not change anything.

Your dollars feed the system
Which has failed us for decades
And made us grovel
For our survival.

Me and my kind will still be poor
Still be without decent housing
Still without decent clothes
Still without decent food

Could be you and yours one day
Then you'll see
Why we need structural change
Not spare change.

Roslyn Cassells
December 2015

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