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Sinixt Slhu7kin-Perry Ridge Protection Camp Re-established

Slhu7kin - Perry Ridge
Slhu7kin - Perry Ridge

Also posted by totalfreedom365:

On March 1 2011, the Slu7kin – Perry Ridge Protection Camp was re-established by Slocan Valley locals and supporters of the Sinixt Nation. The camp was first established by the Sinixt Nation and supporters on October 26, 2010. The Sinixt recently had their legal challenge for their rights to consultation dismissed by BC Supreme Court Judge Willcock. This decision is seen as a continuation of genocide against the Sinixt from the hands of the colonial government of BC and Canada.

Sunshine Logging Ltd, of Kaslo BC, responded within a few days after the ruling by beginning to plow the snow from the road. Locals responded quickly and moved in to prevent the machine from operating. Jeff Mattes of Sunshine Logging has been eager to get in and begin road building. The Sinixt have yet to receive court documents and are planning an appeal, today they asked the Attorney General to prevent Mattes and company from road building until they have had a chance to appeal.

Sunshine logging did not show up to work Thursday.

The camp is growing everyday. This is a community action to protect the community watershed. It is encouraged for people to bring their families, friends, prayers, food, camp supplies, building supplies, a love for the land and their humbled and honest warrior spirits. There is no threat of arrest by attending the camp.

The camp is located just south of the town of Slocan BC, 7km up the Little Slocan South Forest Service Road. Take Hwy Six to Gravel Pit Rd and follow the signs to the Little Slocan Lodge. You can't miss it.,-117.492428&spn=0.050586,0.169086&z=13

More info:

Click here to watch a video produced by the Sinixt nation.

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All the best to you!

In this Backwater Craphole (BC), what it comes down to is how militant you're willing to be, which is truly sad, but then again, after Alberta this is pretty much the most red-necky province in Canada, so what do you expect?

check your words friend

I happen to know some really big-hearted 'red-necky' people and I don't know if any of them would refer to this beautiful landscape, known to some as BC, as a 'Backwater Craphole'.  This is grandma's land, my friend, and you need to learn to respect that with your words.  It's one of the last wild places on earth where you can drink fresh water that falls down the mountain.  That's why we in the Slocan valley are standing up for Perry's Ridge to begin with.  Because we love what's here.

The Backward Craphole ...

... is not a reference to the water or the land and most certainly not the aboriginal people living around here. It's a reference to the settlers and the governments representing them all of whom seem to be complete savages, who are in capabale of comprehending a profound culture if it were to hit them on the head like a 4x4, as it has for few centuries now.

This Land is Not for Sale!

An injunction and an enforcement order have been granted to Sunshine Logging for the next 2 days. On Monday the 7th in Vancouver and in Nelson (via video) arguments can be made to the judge as to why the injunction should not stand.

The camp remains vigilant and the sacred fire burns.

Left the camp this morning.

Left the camp this morning. At 7:30am, Sunday the camp was still standing strong. Hoping to see lot's of supporters out at the blockade this week.

There in spirit far.....and that may change

I am so honored to have the Vancouver Media Coop share the news of your struggle and I stand in solidarity with you all.

I may head over sometime this week.

Connecting with some peoples now. Judith in Silverton and another woman I am about to email.

Stay strong peoples and keep us all up to date.

All my relations/Namaste

Tami Starlight - VMC Editorial Collective & Femininja

Left the camp at 730am, no

Left the camp at 730am, no cops yet but lots of folks gathering. Rcmp has notified the protection centre that they plan to come in by  wed. or thursday.  

any news? (updates?)

considering coming up for support and a story sometime soon.


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