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Summary of Anti-Fur Action in Vancouver

fur is for animals, not rich idiots
fur is for animals, not rich idiots

Also posted by fortotalliberation:

The past six months have seen a rise in both above ground protests and covert, underground actions happening on behalf of fur-bearing animals; directly mirroring the fashion industry's increase in fur trim and coats.  Property destruction, home demos, fur shop protests and marches snaking through downtown have been occuring regularly and directed at the fur industry, and the response to these efforts from the mainstream has been a "poor independent business owner" media strategy which is now turning into a standard mainstream media blackout.  The struggle may also be experiencing the beginning of a crackdown, which right now appears to be in the investigative stages. 

It's amazing what these liberationists can do with such small numbers.  Shit's heating up in other parts of this stolen nation, with fur coat sabotage in "Toronto", live mink liberations in other parts of that province and a huge (like thousands of people attending) above ground campaign against the most notorious companies profiting off the fur of animals.. 

Below is a list of actions and communiques coming out of "Vancouver", Coast Salish Territory from various online sources from 2012 and early 2013.

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These communiques are all anonymous, and were all taken from various internet websites, such as, directaction,info, and  The author claims no responsibility or knowledge of any of this action personally and is certainly not advocating direct action, but has been able to find everything in this article online. 


March 11:  Vancouver Furier Visited

the home of snowflake furs owner megan halprin was visited again during the night of march 8. her front lawn was covered in bleach. we like your new banner just for us. your new cameras are nice too, sadly they will prove no deterrent to us. at least you’ve figured out that every time you scrub the paint off of your house, we will just replace it again. the black looks nice on your front door. see you soon megan



May 23, 2012:  Vancouver Fur Shops Hit

On the night of May 21st four Vancouver fur stores were visited by the ALF. Capilano Furs, Speiser Furs, Snowflake Furs and Pappas Furs were covered in red paint to remind the public of the innocent blood spilled every day in the vicious fur trade. Eugene Klein, owner of Capilano Furs is dumb enough to run his fur business out of his home in North Vancouver so we also painted his $50,000 dodge truck and the brand new VW sitting in his driveway.

This action is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of mink suffering and dying on the many filthy, polluted fur farms in the lower mainland.

To Megan Halprin of Snowflake Furs:

The sign outside of your house says ‘The right to free speach does not include: harrassment, tresspassing and vandalism.’ Well, the right to earn a fair living does not include torturing, abusing, and murdering others.

We didn’t bother visiting your house because there is still evidence of a previous visit splattered all over your front door. It still looks great.

Right now the Seattle Fur Exchange/American Legend auction is taking place just across the border and tens of thousands of skins from Canadian wild and fur farmed individuals are being auctioned off to the highest bidding asshole. This sick event is one of the largest of its kind. We want the participants to know that every time you take a step forward, profiting off of violence, abuse and destruction of the natural world we will be right behind you, ripping and tearing at your heels. We WILL bring you down.

The new Fur Wars have just begun.

We will never stop UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS EMPTY.



To a glorious 2013!

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