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Unist'ot'en React to Apache Divestment

Last original owner of PTP/Kitimat LNG abandons project

by Brett Rhyno

Unist'ot'en React to Apache Divestment

Also posted by Brett Rhyno:

On Thursday July 31st Apache Corporation announced it was “completely exiting” the Kitimat LNG project. In a conferance call to media, Apache CEO Steven Farris stated that they regarded the fracking fields in the Horn River and Liard shale deposits as part of the KNLG project, and one would assume the associated PTP pipeline as well.

The announcement was welcome news at the Unist'ot'en Camp which has previously evicted Apache contracted surveyors from their traditional territory as part of their ongoing blockade against PTP and all proposed pipelines through their territory.

“I'm happy that it's come to that because that was our main goal to ensure that the investors don't continue on investing in a failing project,” stated Freda Huson, Unist'ot'en Camp spokesperson.

According to mainstream media, Apache's divestment was due to pressure from the hedge fund investers Jana Partners LLC. Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief Toghestiy is certain that the longstanding blockade was part of the decision.

“Unist'ot'en Camp succussfully kicked out EOG, Encana, and now Apache. These were the three main players in the original Pacific Trails Pipeline when it was first proposed. We created so much investor uncertainty that they had to bail on the project and now they are trying to find other players that are ruthless, that have a track record on this planet that is inhuman.”

“If you look at Chevron, the last ones still holding on to the Pacific Trails Pipeline, these guys have a record of going into the country of Nigeria and convincing the Nigerian government to arrest people who were environmentalists that were attempting to stop Chevron's work down there and they beheaded them in public.”

Chevron affirmed their intention to carry through with the project. In a conferance call the next day Chevron vice-chariman George Kirkland stated the company was “unconcerned” about Apache's exit. But it was also indicated Chevron was not willing to buy Apache's stake in the project and would thus be looking for a new partner. Chevron did state that it would be willing to take over operation of what they describe as the “upstream assets,” meaning the fracking operations associated with the project that Apache was formerly managing.

Huson has experience working in economic development and feels that investing in oil and gas is a bad deal all around.

“There are a lot of other oppourtunities. There's alternative energies. Technology seems to be way up there. Why are we being so stupid as investing in something that's at the tail end? You're not going to make no money out of it. It's going to be boom and bust. It blows me away that people in leadership are uneducated and making uneducated decisions.”

Unist'ot'en resistance remains resolute. They recently uncovered and may have spoiled a potential deal between PTP and the Moricetown Band Council. And just prior to that they tracked down and evicted a crew of surveyors working for Trans Canada.

“We're here to stay. We're not going anywhere,” stated Toghestiy. “[Chevron] didn't hold themselves accountable for the mess that thay made [in Ecuador] and now they want to try and come through our territories. That's not going to happen.”

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The corporation announced a

The corporation announced a great news indeed. Thanks to the Apache Corporation . the news has been a vibrating one for the the Unist'ot'en Camp.

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