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Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang Has Five Part-Time Jobs

... And He Rakes In Over $200,000 a Year

by Joseph Jones

Kerry Jang at One of His Part-Time Jobs (photo: Murray Bush)
Kerry Jang at One of His Part-Time Jobs (photo: Murray Bush)

Also posted by Joseph Jones:

If you occupied an elected position that paid over $60,000 a year, would you think you had a full-time job? Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang thinks he doesn't.

In the fall of 2010, Jang surprised this Vancouver resident by describing his City Council work as only a part-time job. A bit of digging shows that his perspective on his current City of Vancouver position is in fact encouraged by his apparent primary employer, the University of British Columbia (UBC).

A set of policies that governs members of faculty at UBC includes Policy No. 50 regarding Leave to Take Political Office. The policy anticipates and allows "leave of absence without pay" for a faculty member elected to the Provincial Legislature or to the Parliament of Canada. However, section 1.4 deems that a member of faculty who becomes an elected member of a municipal or city government … will not normally be granted special leave or privilege.

UBC also has Policy No. 97 regarding Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment. This policy defines conflict of commitment to include:

3.1.2 — where a staff Member engages in Non-University Activities during their normal work hours at the University
3.1.3 — where a full-time faculty Member's total involvement in Outside Professional Activities is greater than 52 days per year, including evenings, weekends and vacations

Jang probably has disclosed to UBC a conflict of commitment under section 5.1 and obtained "prior written approval." Given the amount of Jang's reported UBC salary (see paragraph following), and comparing with pre-election figures, it does not look as though Jang has taken any reduction on his full-time appointment.

As a City Councillor paid at 2011 rate, Jang earns $63,609 per year (see data source). According to UBC Consolidated Financial Statements, March 31, 2010 (published in accordance with the Financial Information Act), UBC has recently paid to Kerry L. Jang annual remuneration of $144,629 and expenses of $10,036 (p. 62, pdf 64).

Kerry Jang's 2011 Statement of Disclosure shows five sources of earned income. Besides remuneration received from the City of Vancouver and University of British Columbia, as detailed above, further unspecified income attaches to work as director alternate of Metro Vancouver Board, as board member of EasyPark, and as associate editor of Elsevier Publications.

The foregoing analysis of Jang's employment and income raises many questions:

  • How many Vancouver voters thought they were electing Kerry Jang to a part-time job?
  • How many other Vancouver city councillors regard their positions as a part-time job?
  • Is it possible for such a double-employed-plus person to allocate to either the City of Vancouver or to the University of British Columbia adequate attention and commitment?
  • When many able people are underemployed or even unemployed, should Kerry Jang be hauling down two big salaries (plus whatever his three other positions provide)?
  • Are UBC policies on leave for municipal government and for conflict of commitment in need of revision?

One financial aside: The Vancouver Sun database on campaign financing shows that Kerry Jang contributed $15,400 to his own "nomination battle to become a Vision candidate."

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Great piece

Thanks Jo, knew something was up with this irresponsible, spiteful councillor. I pray the voters of Vancouver clue in to his mischevious conflict of interests (multiple) and we no longer have to deal with him on discussing important issues in this city.

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