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Kerry Coast

Posts by Kerry Coast

Dec 12 2016
Grand Chief Ed John recommends MCFD in every reserve community.
Sep 15 2016
21 years later, Canada evades the legal, jurisdictional issues they tried to kill along with Secwepemc leaders.
Aug 1 2016
Traumatic treaty process wreaks havoc, indignity in Sliammon, Northern Secwepemc and In-SHUCK-ch. BC Treaty Commissioners call it a process that can 'lead the country in reconciliation'
Jun 27 2016
An open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada outlines violations, asks for intervention.
Jun 26 2016
In the wake of Brexit, Aboriginal leaders plan to survey their people on an exit from Canada.
Jan 21 2016
The Committee notes concerns regarding the current legacy and effects of the Doctrine of Discovery endorsed in the Inter Caetera from 1493 and its related papal bulls.
Dec 1 2015
and Justin Trudeau is really here to unpack the goods his father stole…
Nov 12 2015
With Letter from Life Chief Gary Metallic of the 7th District, Gespegawagi Tribal Council
Nov 8 2015
“Papal Bulls were the first extinguishment policy.” – Pau Tuc La Simc, Líl’wat
Nov 2 2015
New documentary book connects foreign investment to terror in Latin America: Drug War Capitalism by Dawn Paley.

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