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“It’s Your Children's Future” Sam Harrison / Defend Our Climate Rally Van. BC

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Grade 12 student sends out a message to parents everywhere: 

It’s your children’s future which is being destroyed by corporations and governments repeatable showing little concern for our environment in their search for profits. You simply must take a stand by not allowing the province of BC to become just one more victim in a long trail of oil pipeline spills & irreversible environmental damage.

Sam is a member of the youth organisation “Kids 4 Climate Action”, a group which is working to remind their parent’s generation and governments they elect of their moral obligation to not pass growing environmental problems on to future generations.  

Thanks for watching and for giving your support in doing  what you can to remind corporations that our environment comes first..

Link to UN page showing Canada at the bottom of the countries on environmental protection.

Please visit the following petition sites and sign on to stop the profit at any cost mentality. 

There simply is no such thing as a totally safe oil pipeline project:     /   /    /   Greenpeace;   /

USA Residents:     


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