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“No Price on Sacred” Big Oil-The Inside Story_Anita Burke

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A “Must Hear Story” for those who care about the world we all live in:
    Anita relates her experience being an executive with big oil companies and her deteriorating health after being involved with the Exon Valdez disaster.. Anita encourages Activists to do more in demanding governments & industry act more responsibly when dealing with oil spills and other activities destructive to our environment and the health and well-being of all living things.  
    Anita M. Burke Director of Catalyst Institute who until recently has worked for Shell International as a Senior Adviser - Sustainable Development and Climate Change.  Anita’s 18+ years’ experience in the oil industry include: tool pusher North Slope of Alaska, offshore and onshore development permitting and social engagement, regional manager for environmental litigation and remediation for the retail services business, Project Director for Waste Management of the EXXON Valdez oil spill, refinery environmental and safety manager and recently as advisory to the Shell International Committee of Managing Directors on the operationalization of sustainable development and the energy portfolio implications of a carbon constrained future. 
     Thanks for watching and sharing these spoken words so that perhaps our leaders will learn Environmental destruction risks are not a welcome trade for higher profits for a selected few.  Renewable energy, clean air and waters are the proper way of the future.  
     This event was partially brought to you by a group of concerned citizens & the group "We Love This Coast".
***A special word of thanks goes out to videographer Paul Bennett (BFA, ECIAD) for sharing his direct feed audio from this event as there was only one audio line out available at that time.      His "full length" two hour coverage of this event may be found here: 
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