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the 2010 Olympic Police vs the Evil Hippy's Balls

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Apparently, now, it's honorable for the police to discriminate against men with long hair and a beard, to inform their children that their father is odd. Perhaps, if I were not disabled, and could afford, I could style my hair and beard in a manner acceptable to the police - so that I will not look suspicious when I throw a ball to my daughter.
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My daughter was stopped on her way home from school by two well-dressed men in an un-marked car. They flashed a badge and told them not to worry, that they were not in trouble, as the strange man ran across the street toward them. When my daughter identified me as her father, the conversation ended and the Olympic Police left the 11 yr-old girls all freaked out.

- the cops didn't even properly identify themselves to the girls when they ran at them from across the street.
One eventually produced a large badge from his pocket while he was yelling, "Don't worry, you're not in trouble."
This must've been very reassuring for the 11 year old girls as a large strange male was running toward them.

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 My friend in Belarus was pulled over by the road police and was brought into their patrol car. When asked why he had been pulled over the officer told him to look in the mirror. "See, you look like a criminal."

It is reassuring to see Canada is finally catching up with Eastern European standards of policing.

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