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your Joint is Running - 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

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Barbara Fosdick, the 85 year-old torch runner and war veteran, who showed concern over her running joint in the video, was an anti-aircraft gunner during Hitlers war, around the time that Hitler invented the Olympic Torch run.

Barbara is versatile - willing kill Nazis and carry their torch.

In an interview, she recognized that people are concerned about all of the money being spent on the Olympics, but she thinks it'll all work out. Gee, isn't that sweet, and ignorant.

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The police(?) gave no warning before attempting to knock over our bicycle. I am a disabled cyclist and I was transporting my daughter on my assist-vehicle. We broke no law. There was no signage restricting access to the area, and there was a photographer near the torch, who was not assaulted or physically pushed to the perimeter.

The police actions are akin to running a car off the road because their head-lights are dirty - instead of requesting that they stop.

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