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2010 Olympic Impact Update - Impact on Communities Coalition

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A video report that examines the impact of the 2010 Olympic games on low imcome communities.

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This is what they are doing with some people

I heard that they have moved / are moving street people out of downtown Van by sending them to live in cheap accomodations in small communities up north. I haven't seen this mentioned in any media, either corporate or indy. How it is coming to light is because there is an upsurge of out-of-town drug users going through hospital emergency rooms in these small towns. I'm not suggesting that everyone they are dislocating is a drug abuser but certainly some are, and there are problems.

You can bet the cost of this secret agenda isn't in the boondoggle budget, and of course the resulting social issues to the communities because of increased drug problems won't be considered to be a cost of the olympics either. 

I would be most interested in someone investigating this further and bringing it out to the public.

My apologies for cross-posting this in another article in this site but I really want to see the information get out there.

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