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VMC Video Exclusive: Amy Goodman speaks in Vancouver

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By the time Amy Goodman spoke to a standing room only crowd at Vancouver's Public Library on Wednesday, November 25, there was one thing on everyone's mind: the 2010 Olympics.

Goodman's talk started over an hour late, because the US radio host was detained by Canadian Border Services Agency, who asked her if she would be talking about the Olympics during her speech.

"I'm embarrassed, cause as some people who know me know, I'm not a real sports fan," said Goodman, who said her knowledge of the 2010 Olympics was "exactly zero."

"To say the least I'm very taken aback by what I just went through, very shocked to be asked what I was going to talk about, and to see my colleagues computers being gone through" at the border, she said, before proceeding with her talk.

Camera - Carlos Melendez and Driss Abassi
Editing - Franklin López
Text - Dawn Paley

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We filmed Amy and Dennis here in Vic tonight and got some interviews. I was thinking of you guys tonight. Two cameras. Nice.

We had one video camera and one photojournalist. But no cops hassled them on the way to the show, so you had the advantage there, newswise that is.

Nice clear picture, good sound, illuminating and inspiring talk. I give it a 9.7.

And the shout-out to Frank. How can we top that?


computer "go throughs" at the border

one must be very careful crossing the border with a computer. they loosened every screw in my computer, without my knowledge, and corrupted the hardware, which also infected the next computer i had. better to carry, or better yet send ahead all data, and borrow or rent a machine when you get here. i know it's nice to have the convenience of everything accessible, but it is not worth the price.

 Great work guys!

 Great work guys!

CSIS Psy-Ops

This is nothing more than Canadian border security cooperating with CSIS in a psychological warfare operation against all foreigners who plan to visit Vancouver with the intent of participating in the anti-corporate/anti-olympic/anti-colonial convergence of activists called for by the Olympic Resistance Network. 

They selected someone high-profile - an internationally respected, left-wing broadcast journalist whose detention and questioning they knew would spark interest from the media - to inform anyone from outside Canada who might be thinking of joining in on protest activity in Vancouver that they'd best stay home or go somewhere else.

The disrespectful manner in which she was treated by border security was purposeful. It was intended to convey to foreigners that if they do try to enter Canada with anti-Olympic ideas in mind they will be met with a don't-even-think-about-trying-to-f***-with-us attitude.

It's CSIS using the media to scare away potential rabble rousers. It's transparent. It spoiled part of the PBS journalist's visit. It makes Canada appear hostile and unwelcoming to the rest of the world.

Nice work CSIS.

Not sure I agree

Not sure I agree that her detention was a planned psy-op, with CBSA and CSIS fully aware of the backlash against their actions.

In fact, I think this reveals the extent to which Canadian "intelligence" is anything but.

The backlash is what they're after

As I had commented, I believe they chose who they did because hassling her would heavy attention media. They want everyone to know that if you come here to express an anti-Olympic message you will not be welcome. What better way to do that than to stir up a media frenzy.

Amy Goodman

I want to thank Canadian border services for stopping Ms Goodman as their doing so introduced myself and many of my friends to this remarkable woman.

Stasi and thought crime come to Canada

I no longer know or respect the county I was born in.

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