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Anti-Olympics Speakers Corner

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On October 23, 2009, No One Is Illegal Vancouver Coast Salish Territories, hosted an anti-Olympics Extravaganza, including an anti-Olympic speakers corners hosted by Vancouver Media Coop. While governments and corporations continue to steal unceded indigenous land, spend billions of dollars in rights repressing security measures, destroy the environment, criminalize poverty, and make a profit out of all this; people all over are resisting!
Listen to the diverse voices of over twenty Vancouverites on why they oppose the 2010 Olympic Games and join the struggle!

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Great job on this clip. It shows the diversity of the anti-olympics sentiment in Vancouver. Y'all rock!

Regarding 2012 Olympics and, what most term "NWO".

Prior to the untimely death of Rik Clay, this researcher left us with some amazing thoughts to consider regarding the events of 2012.

Is it possible that the 2012 Olympics are part of the deception of the service-to-self leg of the Illuminati?

Rik's Red Ice video interview;

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