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Sportswriter Dave Zirin speaks in Vancouver

2010 Olympics

Acclaimed Sports Illustrated and The Nation sportswriter Dave Zirin was in Vancouver from Jan 20-21 2010 to speak about activism, sports and the Olympics as part of a series entitled "Politics in the Ring."

Zirin talked about the idea of activist athletes, what they've fought for, and what they've opposed. From feminist uprisings against wearing corsets in tennis, to Muhammad Ali's activist conversion after his Olympic win, Zirin showed that sports has the power to extend beyond just spectacle.

Versed in the history of sports, Zirin was critical of the hypocritical stance the International Olympic Committee has taken on several issues over the past century.

Camera: Driss Abassi, Carlos Melendres.

Editing: Franklin López.

Text: Isaac Oommen.


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