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Solidarity Against Police Repression Rally

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Hundreds of people concerned about increasing police violence, harassment and surveillance marched through Vancouver's downtown east side on Friday.
"I am here to tell the police that we don't need no free speech zones," said Garvin Snider, referring to the "protest pens" planned by the organizers of the Olympic Games, to be held in Vancouver from February 12-28.
The crowd wound through downtown with torches lit, and banners out, acting out against police violence in a prelude of what's to come during the Games.
Camera: Driss Abassi and Carlos Melendres.
Editing: Franklin López.
Text: Dawn Paley.

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Police Presence

Received via email:

The two plainclothes cops confronted at the end of the video are members of the RCMP's Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (VISU) Joint Intelligence Group (JIG).  The older white male wearing the black jacket is Ken Stolarchuk.  His telephone number is 604-264-2972, fax: 604-264-3151

sweet vid!

Great job on this video guys, cant believe how fast you knocked it out!! 

To check out some photos from this action, please go to my flickr site: 


your pics are rad!

 thanks dawn! glad you like

 thanks dawn! glad you like them!


your a gang of looser

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