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Why oppose the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

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The Olympic Resistance Network has called for a convergence to protest the Vancouver Winter Olympics. This video explains some the reasons why these activists have organized the first ever anti-Olymopic summit.

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Oh come on...

I don't disagree with this at all... I think it's a totally valid point and the stolen land is something that needs to be addressed.  I think protesting the Olympic bid made sense and was an appropriate stage for activists to relay their message. 

But protesting the Olympics WHEN THEY'RE ALREADY UNDERWAY is idiotic and doesn't only sabotage the credibility of the activists, it equally sabotages the credibility of their cause.  

People need hope and they need excitiment... especially right now.  Canadians are hosting an event that brings the world together with common interests that trascend culture gaps.  This is a good thing, especially right now.  And it's happening.. RIGHT NOW. 

These activists have such great hearts and could do so much good if they worked WITH the situation at hand instead of trying to wage a futile battle. 

The standard response would be "we are raising awareness on a global stage". 

Again, a reasonable point... but not a realistic one.  The scope of a stage can work FOR you OR AGAINST you in equally powerful ways.  Having a big stage isn't enough... it has to be a big stage in front of the right audience in the right venue at the right concert.  

Unfortunately, these activists just look like a bunch of "wet blankets" with their heads so far up their own asses they can't be taken seriously.  They are alienating the very people they're trying to make "aware".  It's a total turn off - I just want to ignore them... and I'm FOR their cause!  They're creating setbacks for the very people they're fighting for.  

But I often question the true motivations of some of these activists... especially when I see what I saw tonight (through media created by the activists themselves).  

I think that a lot of these guys get so addicted to "fighting a cause" that it becomes a part of their identity.  They are addicted to finding "what's wrong" in any given situation and "what's wrong" always trumps over "what's right"...  It's an addiction like drugs, alcohol, or sex.  Eventually it blends so deep into their psychology they can't tell the difference between counterproductive indulgent self-righousness and fighing for justice. 

I don't like the fact that some of the Olympic grounds are built on "stolen land".  But the Olympics are happening.  Now.  And I choose to focus on the many many positive things the Olympics will do for Canada and for the international community.  


I challenge all "anit-Olympic" activists to just TRY to enjoy yourselfs... just for a couple of weeks.  TRY!  Because the Olympics are happening one way or the other. 

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