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Tom the medic gives you tips on how to servive chemical attacks   

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Some things to add: Don't

Some things to add:
Don't panic. No matter what has happened to you or others, stay calm and focus on what you have to do. Whatever your priority may be.

NEVER EVER EVER treat pepperspray in a leaning back position! Make them lean forward when you spray them. Otherwise you get their clothing wet and you make them further contaminated! Wet clothes can lead to hypothermia, which happens easier than you might think.

Do not wear glitter. It will melt to your skin.

Wear waterbased sunblock. Pepperspray will mix with oilbased sunblock and burn you.

Do not wear contact lenses. Pepperspray can get under the lens and cause permanent damage to your eye.

Wear impact resistant safety goggles over your glasses. The last thing you need is pieces of your glasses lodged in your eyeball.

Get the fuck out of those contaminated clothes and find a shower. Do not contaminate welcome centers & media centers. Your comrades will not appreciate it.

The vinegar/lemon juice thing is just urban legend. Having a soaking wet handkerchief buys you a couple seconds to get out of the tear gas. The water forms a blister over the pores of the fabric(like a bubble wand), which keeps the tear gas out until you breath. But it doesn't really buy you shit because you have to pull it out of a plastic bag. By the time you have it, you could've been out of there.

Be prepared for the elements. Most often street medics have to treat people for dehydration, hypothermia, & other RIDICULOUS things. Bring food, water, sweater, change of clothes, etc. Let your medic focus on injuries, not lazy ill prepared babies. Take care of yourself!

If you have dreads, wear a shower cap or be prepared to cut them all off when peppersprayed. You can't decontaminate dreads.

Be aware that concussion grenades & tear gas canisters are very HOT. They can burn you very severely and they can literally explode the flesh off your bones. Bean bags, rubber bullets, & wood dowel rounds can embed in your skin or even remove sections of flesh. Friend had to stitch a man's left side of his scalp back on after being hit with a rubber bullet. Chemical & projectile weapons can cause heart attacks. In Portland we had 2 heart attacks in one protest. One from pepperspray and another from concussion grenade to the chest.

Let me say this again: Don't panic. No matter what has happened to you or others, stay calm and focus on what you have to do. Whatever your priority may be.

Stay safe kids!

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