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Report From the 2010 Vancouver Peoples Summit

2010 Olympics

The 2010 Peoples Summit wrapped up today after two days of workshops and presentations, building up to the Vancouver Anti-Olympic Convergence. Presenters spoke on an array of topics including legal rights, street medic training, movement building and Native land issues. First Nations people from Cree territory spoke about the total environmental devastation of the Alberta tar-sands, the disruption of migratory routs and the effects that these mega-progects have on local water tables. There were also speakers from the Six Nations land reclamation movement, who spoke of worrier land defenders that are organizing using traditional pre-european customs. Years of negotiation between the federation of chiefs and the provincial government in the Canadian court system have resolved few land disputes because they fail to recognizes the values of indigenous people and in fact are built to undermine the sovereignty of first nations communities. 


ORN organizers say that the anti-olympic movement has already been successful at raising awareness of poverty and other issues especially native land rights, as well as bringing people together. There are multiple groups participating in the coming convergence over the next couple of days, the ORN respects diversity of tactics, and warns VANOC that the resistance is coming, it's united, and it's going to be very difficult to ignore. 

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