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Torch bearer forced off Commercial Drive

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Hundreds of anarchists block the Olympic torch route and forced torch bearer Carrie Serwetnyk out of Commercial Drive

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Excellent video folks, keep

Excellent video folks, keep doing the f***ing great job those on the streets!!!



What a bunch of losers -

What a bunch of losers - nobody is forcing them to participate in the Olympics, so why are they denying people the right to participate in them? They're actually DENYING the freedom that they've been granted to protest. If they're so proud of their work, why are they covering their faces? Reminds me of the KKK...

I doubt you'll post this since you're obviously not for freedom of speech.

youtube - censorship

As you all can see, the video is not available on youtube anymore. Thanks, IOC!

Could you please upload a copy somewhere?

Cheers and thanx for your good work


youtube - censorship

As you all can see the video is not on youtube anymore - thanx so much to the IOC. Can you upload a copy somewhere?
Thanx for your good work!

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