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Vancouver Police Fail

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Hours after the Heart Attack action, Vancouver Police targeted anyone that looked like a protester. The man on the video was arrested for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk

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slow news day.

slow news day.

Holy crap, they didnt

Holy crap, they didnt confiscate his bike? Clearly a bullshit arrest, but somehow the Canadian cops still come of as nicer than cops in these parts.

Protester Fail

 I think this is a protester fail... There is nothing more hypocritical then wanting to build homes on "stolen indian land"


Please move to Northern Green Land sir, you are not fit for our society

Like you peds are any better?

It's already been proven that cycling is the MOST efficient mode of transport around.


Vehicle operators are dangerous. All of them. Cyclists, vehicle drivers, truckers, all of them. I wish the cops could round all of them up.





what the word understand means in this context

I know that the movement may frown upon the freeman perspective promoted by robert menard on and the worldfreemansociety, however i think that this information is useful and insightful to this mans situation. 

when the cop asks you if you understand, he is not asking you the english version of the word.  he is not asking you "do you comprehend the words coming out of my mouth."

the cop is actually offering you a contract. hes asking you to agree to the contract by the statement that you understand: stand under.   he only needs to get you to agree to one of his questions.  the power lies in the hands of the one who is trying to understand. what this person could have said is "i would like to keep the peace, i don't understand what is happening but i would like to, so that i may help bring resolution to the situation."

according to the law, if two people are in disagreement or conflict, and one party offers the opportunity to negotiate and settle the issue between them, and the other refuses, then the case will be judged in favor of the one who made the offer.  thats why asking questions is usful,

another way to portray this is in traffic violation tickets.  the officer hands you a court appearance paper and insists that it is not an admission of guilt.  what it does mean is that by accepting it you've made the contractual agreement with the officer that you are waiving the opportunity to settle the issue on the spot, and that a court is now required.

if you need to speak or agree with there statements i suggest that you do so after making the statement "at this point in time anything i do is under protest and duress" request that the officer note that in his book.  im wondering why the protest and duress statement was not included in the law information given on the

thanks for reading, and thanks for risisting, you represent the majoraty, even if it looks the other way on the streets.  courage and wisdom to you all, and good day

The cop said the cyclist was

The cop said the cyclist was arrested for obstructing a police officer. Both the officer and the cyclist allude to a confrontation while the police were providing 'medical assistance'.

Based upon this video no one could determine whether the guy was arrested for simply riding his bike on the sidewalk, and yet you've claimed: "Hours after the Heart Attack action, Vancouver Police targeted anyone that looked like a protested. The man on the video was arrested for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk"

If you've sourced these facts responsibly, it's not evident here. This isn't independent journalism -- it's the same one-sided tripe that's spewed by the VPD.

I believe the guy on the

I believe the guy on the bike.....since I know him!partial Any time a cop has to argue a point to a camera person they are struggling with what they are doing.

I believe the cop, seeing as

I believe the cop, seeing as I know the guy getting arrested.

I believe the guy on the bike

I believe the guy on the bike seeing as I know him.
The cop is struggling... anytime you engage in a somewhat heated "talk" with someone you are arresting you are not in control. Come on some guy on a bike who was observing the officers in the park. If it was an medical emergency they would not have given two sh*** about some guy on a bike.

why did the second cop say i

why did the second cop say i need to know who you are to ther camera operator?

he's asking for the name of a potential witness

he's asking fo the name of a potential witness, which the camera operator is because he is documenting the arrest with his video camera.

 they're afraid of what and

 they're afraid of what and who is doing what so they're takin their pictures so they can run it through facial recognition

it's mainly a scare tactic but much so a reality

the whole of downtown london is under survailence with facial recognition systems so they can follow folks around town if they choose





they admit it publicly

be aware

be weary



Epic Protester Fail

Way to interrupt trained professionals giving first aid buddy, you deserved ot get hassled.

PS: You all live on stolen Native land too, so why is ok for you to oppress the First Nations by stomping up and down their former traditional land on  Commercial in your vegen gumboots, but it's not ok for anyone else to? Is it because you're all so "aware"?

same thing

 I was ticket for the exact same thing while standing on my bike and watching some police rough housing some blanket vendors. They don't like witnesses very much. ;) 

Vancouver cops are thugs.

Vancouver cops are thugs.

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