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The Tar Sands Oilympics

2010 Olympics

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The London Tar Sands Network and London Rising Tide hold the inaugural Tar Sands Oilympics in Trafalgar Square, London.
Corporate contenders RBS, Shell and newcomer BP compete for the chance to wreak environmental havoc in their scramble for Canada's tar sands.
In the process they will lay waste to vast areas of boreal forest, poison First Nations communities and push the planet towards catastrophic climate change.
The race for the most polluting fossil fuel resource on the planet is on. Forget the Winter Olympics in Canada, the real competition for the future of the planet is here.

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More actions

Here are some more actions that were organized in other areas for that international day of action -


That was a fun start! See how creative it can become over the next 2+ ans, especially liked the voice over part, criminals incriminating themselves for all the world to see & listen to, perfect!

video skipping

not able to view video due to skipping - is it just me/my computer? Very interested in video - is there an article that details the info covered?

video skipping

 Hi Carla,

I think that changing the resolution of the video to the lowest possible should fix your skipping problem.

Hope that helps!

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