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Resistance Roundup, Saturday February 27th

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 Vancouver activist groups took part in several actions in the city on the second to last day of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The day began early with a banner-drop off the Cambie Bridge to protest Olympic mis-spending of taxpayer money.

At noon, Red Tent campaigners took to Canada Pavilion in an effort to raise awareness about one of the country’s biggest social issues, which has been brushed under the rug during the Olympic Games.

At the same time, a smaller awareness campaign took place regarding one of the less-known issues around the Games. The Pirates of Justice flash mob used a playful presentation to highlight the ongoing sweatshop-like conditions being endured by workers on cruise ships being used to house security forces during the Games.

The day’s biggest success story came from Olympic Tent Village, where the occupation of Vancouver Olympic Committee land by the city’s homeless and their allies was going past its second week. BC Housing was finally made to find homes for all the homeless persons in the village.

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