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Original Peoples

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Naomi Klein on Indigenous claims in occupied B.C. and climate debt

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Naomi Klein spoke about climate debt, the tarsands, and the efforts of Arthur Manuel (Secwepemc) and Guujaaw (Haida) to challenge Canada's credit rating. She spoke in Toronto on February 25, 2010. Filmed by Rabble TV.

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Naomi's lecture

Great to see this video posted here. You can see the entire lecture at For background: Naomi Klein spoke at an event organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in Toronto last week. was the sponsor.

For the full lecture, go to

For the full lecture, go to

Indigenous Claims Lecture

The lecture was good, very informative, and thought-provoking. However, our Native issues stem back to first European contact. From illegal land grants, clear-cutting, colonization, mining, agriculture, etc., from 400 years ago is where the problem began. Broken treaties and ignored Human Rights are not new to the Native People. These issues are old. Social movements and organizing may lie somewhere in the quest for justice but we know where the power lies...within the State. Individuals must take responsibilities for injustices as well. People are not ready and willing to give up land and resources that they have inherited from their European ancestors. In my opinion, that's where true justice must begin. Start giving back what was taken illegally. Taho...Carolyn Landry

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